The Paceline Podcast #39

It was Meatloaf who sang “Two out of Three Ain’t Bad.” The Paceline knows the feeling. We are missing a wheel for show #39. Check out the pic above, one of us is there. Apparently the bandwidth ain’t so hot. Makes it tough to join a podcast.

So us “stay at home” Paceliners will carry the load. Oh, we’ll hear from our traveling salesman. He’s left us a nice interview with the head of Silca. The company that is known for pumps is using their years of experience to delve deeper into the idea of tire pressure. After the interview, you will never look at psi the same. So remove your valve caps and open your minds.

Fatty really wants to talk about 100 Miles of Nowhere. Despite what sounds like a ride into the abyss, we’re going to let him ramble on this topic. It’s a good bet it will go somewhere.

The election is closing in so we will take a few minutes to connect each candidate for president with bikes. From a stage race to staging a campaign event, Donald and Hillary have ties to bikes.

We have our Paceline Picks and one of them really stinks.



Show Links

100 Miles of Nowhere

Santana Adventures

Silca Pump review

Josh Poertner on Pressure


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