The Paceline Podcast #36

Padraig wraps up his trip around western Sonoma County with thousands of other riders. Levi’s GranFondo is always one big rolling party with a little pain sprinkled in.

Fatty takes us through his collection of gloves as his attempts to identify the perfect pair.

The rainbow jersey but no rainbow flag. Our big discussion this week, one that already has some social media momentum, asks why there is no openly gay man in the pro peloton? Other sports have had athletes come out but the silence remains on the World Tour.

With diplomatic relations restored between the US and Cuba, that can only mean one thing: a mountain bike stage race! We hear from an organizer involved with a six day, five stage race through the jungles and on the beaches of Cuba.

And it’s round two of This Week’s Picks. Fatty, Padraig and Michael have the findings of their deep Internet research.



Show Links:

Levi’s GranFondo

Another rotor injury

The heat is on at UCI Worlds

Mountain bike stage race in Cuba

Voice command camera captures “Oh S**t” moments

Fatty’s Pick: Compass Bike Tires

Padraig’s Pick: Synchro Lights Kickstarter


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