The Paceline Podcast #35

Lance Armstrong is a giver. There, we said it. He gives like no other to the Paceline. He gives us great material to talk about. This week,  he gave again.

Interbike overload part deux is also part of the show. More finds from Padraig and Michael. We spotlight the new Dura-Ace, which Padraig got to ride. We also hear from a leading sports nutritionist who recently changed teams. Michael caught up with OSMO co-founder, Dr. Stacy Sims who was in a new booth at Interbike.

We have highlights from the mechanics challenge. We’ll just say this: it all came down to the bar tape.

Interview #2 in the show is on a new, trade-up program. It was born at the North American Handmade Bike Show and aims to get more people on custom frames. That old bike could be worth something after all.

Finally, we test a  new segment on The Paceline. It is something called “This Week’s Picks.” Our three-some trawls in the internet for random stuff and reports on their amazing discoveries. Some may call it a time suck, we call it research.



Show Links:

Pablove ride – Support Yuri and Vanessa

Paul Kimmage tweets

Padraig’s Interbike coverage

Dr. Stacy Sims joins NUUN

NAHBS Trade Up program



Image: Vic Armijo

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