The Paceline Podcast #34

The Paceline goes full geek with an Interbike special. Padraig and Michael host from the annual bike bonanza in Las Vegas. This episode is dedicated to the gear head in all of us.

FSA making some of the biggest news with its long awaited, electronic group set. Padraig puts it through a series a shifts and we hear from a company official on the particulars.

One of the themes of Interbike 2016 is Pro bikes vs. bikes for the people. Manufacturers still have the flashy machines but they are putting more energy behind the kinds of bikes most people want to ride. That means disc brakes, lower gear, wider tires and more fun.

The new kid on the block comes from Austria. KTM is known for its motorcycles but actually started with human powered, two wheeled machines. We talk to the people bringing this brand to the states.

And about that picture at the top of the page, that’s what happens when the world’s most famous hydration company throws a pool party at a bike show.



Show Links

FSA Electronic Shifting

Masi Vivo

KTM Bikes


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