The Paceline Podcast #33

We hang out in the feed zone to see what it takes to do a proper hand up. Padraig and Michael offer their experiences on both the receiving and giving end of a feed.

Specialized has made some major changes to the Roubaix. A look at the spec sheet finds front suspension and a seat post with significant give. The big “S” is making a bold move with a bike that established an entire class of bikes.

A study has taken a look at the effectiveness of “Share the Road” signs and has found they have not lived up to their promise. Padraig has the results of this study and what is working when it comes to signage.

We have a massive gear segment with reviews of a Ridley Aero bike, Enve Wheels and Wahoo’s new bike computer. We also give props to the lowly tube and once company’s special attention to the rubber between the rim and the tire.

And an interesting approach to introducing newbies to bikes and how to pick one. Diamondback is taking a scientific approach of sorts to getting more people riding.



Show Links:

Share the Road Backlash

Wahoo Element

Panaracer R’Air Tube

Barn Burner

Billy Nye on bikes

Ridley Noah

Enve AR Disc 4.5


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