The Paceline Podcast 282

This week John looks at how mountain biking has changed in the last few decades and how if you maybe bought a mountain bike in the 1990s or early 2000s, it’s not a mountain bike in the same sense as the bikes being sold today are. Patrick looks at pets and how no one is quite as happy to see us return from a ride as our furry greeters.

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Ergon CF Allroad Pro Carbon Seatpost

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  1. bloodpuddle says

    Very sorry to hear about your cat, Patrick. That’s very tough.

    Curious about your thoughts on getting bikes wrapped ie with frameskin. Principally, mountain bikes but I guess it’s also relevant for gravel bikes, if not road bikes. Having had a (white) Cannondale hardtail wrapped in the early 2010s only to watch the expertly applied plastic wrap turn yellowish over time (yuk), I swore I’d never do it again. But current options seem to have solved that problem.

    Is it better to protect your beautiful ride as much as possible, or is letting it bear some well-earned scars part of its character?

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