The Paceline Podcast #22

We are delighted to have a special guest join the show. Rebecca Rusch is on The Paceline to talk about Dirty Kanza. She was the overall winner  for the 100 miler, beating every woman and man in the field. But her victory came after the fact. Organizers DQ’d the original winner. We get the back story.

We keep the gravel thing going with a look at some upcoming  events. Fatty will be doing the Crusher in the Tushar. How he gets ready for one of the hardest races in the U.S. And Patrick has a preview of the final event in the Grasshopper Adventure Series, the King Ridge Supreme.

Michael has an interview with the man behind the Grasshopper events. Miguel  Crawford talks about the evolution of adventure rides and races. He’s been putting them on for 18 years and still enjoys it.

We take a look at a new gravel bike that has been tested in a wind tunnel. The maker says there are watts to be saved, even at gravel speeds.

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the crash that killed five cyclists and injured four in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The Paceline talks about driver-rider conflict and whether the tension between the two is on the rise.



Show Links:

Padraig’s perspective on the deaths of five cyclists in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Rebecca Rusch

Dirty Kanza

Old Fashioned Cheating

Grasshopper Adventure Series

Aero Gravel Bike

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