The Paceline Podcast #21

The Paceline has cramped up again. We have some follow up information to our discussion on muscle spasms. It’s the Nerve has officially launched its product and Michael did some more digging on the causes of cramps.

Rio is shaping up to be a pretty wild affair for cycling. An American is showing fantastic form by winning three of her last three events. And the man who wears the rainbow jersey in the road category will hit the dirt instead at the games.

An organization that represents riders in the pro peloton has put forth its recommendations to improve safety. Most of their ideas focus on motos but they also want the UCI to stand up and be counted.

Two Californians won the Dirty Kanza 200 and two women were the overall to finishers in the 100 miler. While the DK200 maybe the king of gravel racing, the smaller events are proving to be a good time. The Paceline hears from a Cyclocross organizer who is now putting an adventure series that emphasizes ride over race.

Being overweight can mean struggling to get on a bike. And once it’s going, how about stopping? These are some of the challenges a team in Colorado is addressing with the design of a new bike for the clinically obese. They have taken a new approach to tube placement.

And we hear from a dedicated unicyclist who attempted to ride 200 miles on one wheel.



Show Links:

It’s the Nerve shots for cramps

Dr. Mirkin on cramps

Dirty Kanza

SoCal Gravel Trofee adventure series

Colorado University and Mosaic Cycles develop bike for obese riders

Unicyclist attempts double century


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