The Paceline Podcast #20

The Paceline responds to a listener request for some road trip-ride planning tips. Padraig, Fatty and Michael share the ways they find out about rides when headed to places they have never been.

The man who won the pink jersey maybe flying new colors next year and the team will take him farther from his native Italy. A Prince has announced plans for a squad based in Bahrain. The Kingdom of Bahrain is an island in the Persian Gulf so maybe that’s why the team is after the shark of the pro peloton.

What would you do to never have another cramp? Would you gulp down a few ounces of spicy liquid? The Paceline takes up the topic of the dreaded spasm. Fatty speaks to a Dr. who claims to have a product that can short circuit the cramp signal.

More news on the consumer-direct front. Canyon bringing web based buying to the U.S. market. They do not have a dealer network. It’s worked in Europe; now the German company will test their business model in the states.



Show Links:

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Canyon coming to the U.S.

South Bay Wheelmen


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