The Paceline Podcast #15

The Paceline continues to chase the road disc controversy. Padraig has some additions to his post “The Debacle.” We have reactions from manufacturers. They are in a pickle. USA Cycling clarifies road disc and stateside racing. And we give rim brakes one last look. Maybe they can put a stop to the disc wave.

Fatty nominates a safe word for cycling. His proposal is to have a word that is universally understood. When the word is blurted out, everyone knows to stop what you are doing on the bike. Fatty’s word is just something he came up with. If you like it, great. If not, nominate one of your own in the comments below.

A new GPS bike computer with an old-style look makes into our gear segment. We talk to the the mind behind Omata. He explains why, during this time of digital, he went with an analog read out.

Going 1x and wondering what to do with that front derailleur? A small bike manufacturer has some suggestions and yes, one includes a bottle opener.



Show links:

Padraig’s take on the road-disc reversal

Bike makers respond to UCI’s full stop on disc brakes


Front derailleurs recycled


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