The Paceline Podcast #14

The UCI puts the brakes on disc brakes in the pro peloton. The Paceline goes over the claim of one rider that is at the center of this reversal and the lack of spine within the power structure of pro cycling.

An independent report out of Europe claims to have found motors in bikes used by professionals. Part of the report claims that team managers can remotely control the motors.

E-mountain bikes showed up in a big way at Sea Otter. The Paceline takes on the touchy topic of motorized bikes on dirt trails. Plus we here from the man helped legalize E-bikes in California.

Shimano has extended DI2 to its XT line. Padraig got a first look of the group and will tell you why this is the one for most mountain bikers.

And Fatty explains his cereal diet. Yes, you too can fuel your rides with a bowl full of flakes and milk. Get out your spoons, The Paceline goes cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.



Show Links:

Disc Brake Debacle by Padraig

Watch the report on motors discovered in bikes

E-Mountain bike race report

Shimano XT Di2 first look

Fatty’s cereal diet


Image: Rosana Prada, Flickr Creative Commons

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