The Paceline Podcast #13

The Hell of the North was a helluva surprise. An Aussie is the unlikely winner of Paris-Roubaix and he did it on a bike better suited for criteriums than cobbles. The Paceline covers the podium, the gear choices and the crashes of the Queen of the Classics.

A bike that seems too good to be true gets a once over from our gear-heads. The SpeedX has become a Kickstarter phenom. The Paceline points out some red flags.

A Norther California Sheriff’s Department has the radar guns out on local trails. Mountain bikers are again being targeted over speed. But here’s the kick in the chamois region: The trail speed enforcement is being done in Marin County, the birthplace of mountain biking.

The Paceline has given lots of coverage to 1X systems but Padraig is lobbying for a return to cassettes with shift jumps that don’t shock the legs.



Show Links

A day in the life of a Paris-Roubaix winner.

SpeedX Leopard

Marin County using radar on trails to catch speeding mountain bikers

Padraig lobbies for a cassette that starts with a 13 instead of a 10

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