The Paceline Podcast #12

The Paceline is really embracing spring. And spring means bergs, cobbles and second guessing. Our  hosts put on their director sportif hats and breakdown the decisive moment at the Tour of Flanders. With Paris-Roubaix on the horizon, the favorites must learn quickly from their miscalculations the Sunday prior.

As we enter the first few weeks of spring, hopefully the leg warmers are coming off. But bare legs in these temps? Maybe not. The Paceline has answers and Padraig has some great stories about the magic spice. It’s a real embrocation education.

Spring is the season of new beginnings and new gear. Group sets have snagged the headlines recently and that theme continues with the first reports of what’s in the new Dura-Ace.

We have talked about tipping your mechanic and now the wrenches are forming an association. It has started with a Facebook page but the group plans to be more than just social.



Show Links:

Share your Roubaix-like rides and roads with the Friday Group Ride

Padraig’s Embrocation Education

Advertising and Editorial

Bike mechanics form an association on Facebook

Intense gives dealers first shot at selling new model

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