The Paceline 154

Last weekend, Selene rode the Lu Lacka Wyco Hundo, a 100-mile ride in northeaster Pennsylvania with its share of dirt roads, steep hills and, on this day, plenty of cold weather and rain.

Let’s just say it was an adventure, but the best part was when she met Paceline listener Bill. God bless Bill. Also, God bless grilled cheese sandwiches and hot soup with coffee (though not in the same bowl).

Patrick had a day of similar length, but the weather in California was notably better, though his legs, less so. He mentions something about getting humbled.

It may have been all the gels he ate. Or it may have been the steep hills. Or the singletrack. Well, definitely the singletrack … on a gravel bike. It was one of those days. And now he’s wondering how he does the last of his preparation for Dirty Kanza.



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