The Long Way Home #1

We’re launching a new podcast here at The Cycling Independent. It’s called The Long Way Home (you might have picked up on that already) and it’s a different sort of podcast, at least, for cycling. The Paceline Podcast and Revolting are based on conversations. We’re pleased any time someone tells us that they feel like they are at post-ride coffee with friends. The Long Way Home takes a different approach.

The Long Way Home features written works that we’ve published here at The Cycling Independent, on Red Kite Prayer, and a few other outlets, like Bicycling Magazine. These are magazine features, essays, meditations and more. Think of it as more akin to Audible. It’s one voice, one story.

For our first episode, I’ve recorded my feature, “My Day With Ilya,” which I published in Peloton Magazine, Issue 15. The feature went on to win silver from the Society of American Travel Writers for “special-purpose travel.”

This week’s episode of The Paceline will be delayed due to some technical issues; it will be back next week.

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  1. albanybenn says

    Downloads for pod casts not working?

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