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Hey, Just Ride 46

The soft morning light slowly unveiled my long shadow dancing on the asphalt in front of me as I crested the short hill on my bicycle. Careless and free with

Hey, Just Ride 39

It appeared that one final, last gasp bundle of opportunities rose out of the ashes as if to signal this is it, now or never, the end of the road — game over.

Hey, Just Ride 37

From the moment my feet left Mother Earth to hop onto a bike for the first ride, that sensation of launching into adventure became etched into my essence

Hey, Just Ride 35

My mind’s calendar flips through memories like a Vegas blackjack dealer shuffling two decks when I’m on my bike. The years slip by like miles in the middle of

TCI Friday

Like an expert tracker I can sense if new logging has begun by looking at the road conditions. The more packed down the gravel the more likely serious work has

TCI Friday

Let's hear it for our man Raz's first TCI Friday! Read hard. Comment harder. Happy Friday. - Robot To most people I call it my annual kick off the summer

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