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The Difficult Year(s)

Remember what life was like prior to 2020? Yeah, we do too. Humanity was tested physically and psychologically in a way none of us had seen before. Covid

Paceline Podcast 269

John has come down with Covid and he did so just in time for his 50th birthday. Birthday celebration plans take a back seat to a communicable disease, as it

TCI Friday – NYE

Today is my 50th birthday, which doesn't mean much, unless you're me. I woke up with a plan for an epic hike with friends, but then tested positive for Covid

Paceline Podcast 247

Why is riding bikes with friends so good? We know it's true, but can anyone really explain why? Our man John takes on the question. Did you pick up Covid

No Exit

We lost Mark. Just the other day. COVID. He’s gone. It hurts. It could’ve been me. It could’ve been you. Mark did everything right—mask, distance,

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