The Paceline Podcast #1

The Paceline gets going by putting on the brakes. We talk disc brakes on road bikes. 2016 will be the year we see more disc brakes on bikes in the pro peloton. Our panel breaks, or should we say brakes down the next big move in components.

We give everyone on a bike the peace sign in the Surprise segment. The bicyle has bee nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. We here from the Italians who are behind the movement and our hosts float the idea of nominating their own peace prize nominee.

The Route Sheet takes us to Sonoma County for some gravel fun. We get down and dirty on the roads covered by an event called Old Cazadero. We also get into bike set up for this multi surface event.

The Paceline reflects on 2015 and attempts to identify the year’s standout people and performances on two wheels. See if you agree with our riders of the year.

Some Links:

Bicycle for the Nobel Peace Prize Petition

Old Cazadero in Sonoma County

Support Maderline Bemis at 24 hour Worlds

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