Revolting 16

The guys discuss digestive health, which may be a pretense for telling stories about having crapped their pants. As usual, there is a public health message embedded in some adolescent humor. Stevil tells stories. Robot laughs. They agree on most things.

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  1. johnrom719 says

    Hi guys, I (usually) enjoy Revolting. Definitely not “unlistenable.” You have some strong opinions and are kind of hard on people with traditional religious mores, but we all can learn something from each other. I don’t get the show delivered to my Paceline feed on Stitcher, though. I have to come to the site to listen.

    1. Emlyn Lewis says

      John, I have learned an awful lot from my religious friends of various stripes. We all have faith, even those of us who subscribe to no particular faith. At the same time, it is possible out attitudes are born of long experience with religious types going kind of hard on us. I did a long stretch in a private, religious school in Southern Alabama. There were some nice people there. Some.

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