Paceline Tandem: Judi LoPresti

“Spun” was an antidote to the driest of eyes. It was the story of Judi (nee Rothenberg) and Dominic LoPresti, two ex-junkies who had cleaned up, relapsed, cleaned up again and against the longest of odds, met, fell in love, and in the least likely of all turns, stayed clean, married and opened a bike shop. Steve Friedman’s feature about the two was as raw as their past and ran in Bicycling Magazine in 2015.

Cycling became a central feature of Judi and Dominic’s relationship, so much so that they married at Interbike in 2013. When Selene learned of the demise of Interbike she decided to get in touch with Judi to get her impressions on the event’s demise and take a little deeper dive on her story. Actually, its a very deep dive. She shares some very interesting insights on the relationship between endurance sports and addiction.


Image: Phil Armstrong, Cincinnati  Refined



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“Spun” by Steve Friedman

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