Paceline Tandem: Allen Lim of Skratch Labs

This week we have our first tandem episode in, well, forever. Last summer Skratch Labs released a new product, Superfuel, that is a high-calorie drink for endurance athletes. It’s a drink mix built on a fundamentally different philosophy from their super-popular drink mix known for it’s blend of sugar and electrolytes.

Lim has long been an outspoken detractor of drinks that use maltodextrin as their fuel source, so the introduction of Superfuel was a big surprise to me, and frankly I wanted to hear from him why the change in philosophy.

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Skratch Labs

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  1. herzogone says

    I enjoyed the interview, (somewhat ironically) it reminded me to finally buy the “Feedzone Portables” book. I’m not really performance focused. I ride comparatively slowly, but I do some randonneuring brevets and occasional bikepacking or MTB adventures where I’m on the bike 8+ hours. Superfuel sounds interesting, but unnecessary for my purposes since I can always stop to eat if the terrain is not conducive to stuffing my face while riding. I typically drink a simple DIY electrolyte mix with sodium, potassium, and magnesium and eat most of my calories. I look forward to trying the recipes for a change from the usual bars and gels.

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