Paceline Podcast 326

This week John discusses his experience at a ride called Mix Tape. Patrick takes on a listener question about going matchy-matchy with cycling clothing, be it a group, a couple on a tandem, or just the self.

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  1. Dan Murphy says

    I don’t do many events, but when I do, I’m pretty sure the organizer is picking out the best routes in that area. Gravel rides are especially good because it can take a lot of research to put a good route together on dirt.
    Last fall, I found this especially so when I did a gravel ride that Ride Studio organized on Cape Cod. While I was riding, I was amazed at all the cut-throughs, small dirt roads, miles of singletrack and dirt roads, and other pieces that were put together for my shorter route. I figured this was a lifetime of living down on the Cape. At the end, I made a comment about that to the organizers and found out that Rob Vandemark put all the routes together by riding down there every weekend during the summer and doing “research”. Too funny.

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