Paceline Podcast 299

This time out we talk about the crucial role local bike shops still play in the life of a town, not to mention the convenience of having a good mechanic nearby. We run down what to look for in an affordable eBike, and a couple of Paceline Picks bring us home.

Show links:
The Osprey Raptor 10
Specialized Turbo Como

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  1. Rosé Dave says

    Hey guys, the player doesn’t work from this page and the episode won’t play in my podcast app.

  2. Rosé Dave says

    I’d love to hear about what to do with old bike parts in a future episode. Should I throw away broken Shimano shifting systems? Rebuild them? Recycle, and how? What about old tires and tubes? I’ve got a garage full of stuff like this and can’t be the only one.

  3. Tom says

    Last time (298), I was able to use the Android link to get it to my player. This time, not even the new window player works…. Need to work on this before REVOLTING suffers the same fate. (OMG 🤪)

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