Paceline Podcast 297

This week John talks riding with flat pedals—rather than clipless—for mountain biking. Patrick discusses a ride from his recent vacation and what it re-taught him about riding with friends.

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  1. dr sweets says

    If I may address Padraig’s thoughts on pro cyclists using clip in pedals versus flats. The primary focus of bike racing (and really any racing) is who gets across the finish line the fastest. Racers will do whatever it takes to make them faster. Specifically in regards to DH racing and someone like Mr Gwin and probably 98% of his fellow racers extra speed can be found on any course by having the ability to generate power throughout the pedaling cycle. As such, DH racers can use that extra power in lower consequence sections and hang on everywhere else. A notable exception to this is Sam Hill who has won multiple UCI DH championships and EWS championships on flats. On a personal note, I ran clip in pedals (really a more accurate term for them, but whatever) from 1994 (Onzas…Oy Vey! Then I got my shit together and went with Times) through 2020. I still think they are ideal for elite level mtb racing, road and cyclocross. However, switching to flats boosted my confidence immensely. I hit bigger and gnarly lines with more control than I ever had. Curiously, my PR’s all went up on descents FWIW. Old dogs can learn new tricks. Ironically flats make you more connected to the bike without being connected to the bike. Lastly, I cannot stress enough to spend the time and experiment with different shoe and pedal combos to find what works best for you. Oh, and…HEELS DOWN!!! \m/

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