Paceline Podcast 283

John is just back from a trip to Seattle, where he was impressed by both the cycling culture and the cycling infrastructure. Patrick cites two news stories and considers what they mean for bringing new people into the sport.

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Yuba Spicy Curry

Bounty Sunglasses – SPY Optic

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  1. rip613 says

    Really enjoy and appreciate your work. As a former bike shop manager( one in common with Patrick) I agree in theory with John’s views on consumer direct. In practice though, it requires adequate retailers. My experience in the last 15ish years as a customer has proven very frustrating. In my opinion the DTC market has flourished not because of greedy manufacturers but dealers lack of basic customer service. Yes, there are great dealers and it’s a tough business, but of the 100 or so I’ve visited, very few have been positive. My most recent purchase was paid in full online, when I picked up the bike there was no attempt to engage or educate me, they didn’t even ascertain if I was the potential rider. I literally could have been picking up a down parka. So why not order DTC?

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