Paceline Podcast 275

John bumps into former co-host Patria and takes a look at stoke and how you fuel excitement for moving through the winter. Patrick takes on a question about how to stay comfortable while riding in the rain.

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Pearl Izumi Thermal Wool Sock

45NRTH Sturmfist4

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  1. johnrom719 says

    Padraig and Robot, a couple thoughts for future shows:
    1. One more advantage of riding or just being outside is expanded vision. This is why I can’t ride a trainer in the basement. God bless those who can get into online racing, but I don’t just need blood to circulate more quickly. There is literally something about being outdoors which expands my thinking and being. And I think it might be unobstructed sight lines. Indoors you can see maybe 15 feet to the next wall, or 50 feet if you look down a hallway. But even a long hallway constrains your field of view to a few degrees. But outdoors! Even in the woods you can see a long ways, and in a field or along a river or from a mountaintop, wow! That’s one reason we talk about “mountaintop” experiences or “peak performance.” There is really something special about literally expanding our vision which helps to expand our thinking.

    2. I have begun waxing. Not body parts, bike chains. I have read some people online extolling the money saving virtue of longer chain life, but the $10 a year that might save is entirely irrelevant when I spend upwards of $3,000 annually on cycling. When I don’t buy a new bike. I have begun waxing chains because. . . .
    Hmm. Maybe I like the tedious process of cleaning and drying chains? The smell of molten wax? The controlled complexity of deciding to make this little tiny part of my life a little harder than it needs to be? This might be a good topic for your cycle-ogical exploration.

    I always enjoy the cast. Thanks!

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