Paceline Podcast 240

Before we get to this week’s episode, there were a few problem’s with last week’s episode; they’ve been fixed and we’ve replaced the file.

This week John “Robot” Lewis returns as guest host and he talks about what it means to have less than stellar fitness and to be the weakest link on a ride. He’s made his peace and is still having fun he says. 

Patrick says that Sonoma County is into the part of spring where everything is blooming and the air is full of pollen. He’s got a fair number of allergies and talks antihistamines and why they aren’t all made equal. 

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Walz Caps

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  1. Austin says

    This episode was a lot of fun. Laughed a lot. Other folks on the bike path probably thought I was smiling at them. That’s fine with me. Usually I am. But today it was mostly from snickering at the pod rather than being a pleasant cyclist.

    I’m a cap-wearer on all my rides. I just like them. Maybe it’s a fashion statement or keeps my hair from being all crazy. I’ve enjoyed Rothera caps made out in Texas but haven’t gotten to the 10 year review period of them quite yet (more like 4 or 5!).

    1. Emlyn Lewis says

      @Austin – Glad you liked it. It’s hard to tell, when Patrick and I get together, whether we are amusing or just amusing ourselves.

      Thanks for the Rothera tip. I’m a cap man too.

    2. Austin says

      @Emlyn – that’s a fair thing to wonder. As listeners, are we laughing with you or at you? Perhaps a lil’ bit of column A, a lil’ bit of column B. 🙂

    3. Padraig says

      It’s my belief that it ought to be both column A and column B. I wouldn’t position myself as a gag man if I wasn’t prepared for people to laugh at my misfortune/bad judgment/sense of adventure. At the end of the day, er, podcast, I’m just hoping our listeners have had fun and maybe gained a bit more insight into something dear to them. And my personal belief is that laughter is always a net good.

  2. Dan Murphy says

    Regarding temp differences between Boston and Northampton….
    Boston temps are taken at Logan airport which is essentially IN Boston Harbor. When there’s a sea breeze caused by simple warming up of the land, Logan can be quite cool, where if you go inland just a few miles, the temps can be appreciably higher, as Patrick has seen. Plus, Northampton being in the valley can be even warmer. We even have a local weather forecaster that takes Boston temps with a grain of salt and will use temps inland at say Worcester when giving reports.

    1. Emlyn Lewis says

      @Dan – I but that explanation. Compounding the issue for me personally is that I live in Arlington Heights, overlooking the city. We are usually a few degrees cooler than places even two miles away and we often have snow that sticks when the ground down on Mass Ave is still bare. It’s a frosty microclimate, which is bizarre since we’re only about 750′ above sea level.

    2. Padraig says

      Fascinating. I actually miss how unpredictable Northampton’s weather was. Way moreso than any other place I’ve ever lived. Given that storms could blow in from the south/Connecticut coast, east/Boston or northwest/Great Lakes, it was lively.

    3. Dan Murphy says

      @Robot: Uh, you sure about that 750′? That’s nice up there, but I think your altimeter is off. Maybe 300ish?

      @Patrick: In a previous lifs, I lived south of Northampton in Agawam, and the T-storms in that valley were legendary.

    4. Padraig says

      I’d forgotten how people in the Pioneer Valley talked about how big the thunderstorms were. That always struck me as funny because the bad storms in Memphis were a good deal worse. I was grateful there was exactly one tornado in Western Massachusetts in the years I was there (of course, it was tearing up Lenox as I was racing ‘cross in Pittsfield, just a few miles up the road).

    5. Dan Murphy says

      Ha! I had a tornado come thru Agawam (Feeding Hills) in Oct ’79. This was the same one that came up thru CT and destroyed the Bradley Air Museum which was mostly outside

  3. johnrom719 says

    Guys, I heard Padraig and Cush on the Dirty Chain Michigan podcast. You were great! Super high energy and passion came through. I think TCI patrons would really enjoy having the link. More of that, please!

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