Paceline Podcast 236

We all know we need to have our bike serviced, right? But sometimes we don’t do it as frequently as we’d like. But everything seems to work out, right? What happens if we wait longer than we should, though? How bad can it really get? Patria explains. 

Patrick looks at bike fit and how nerve pain and numbness can be an indicator that you need to have your bike fit checked. 

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  1. TominAlbany says

    Darn it! You just condemned my ’98 Serotta CTi.

    – F1 Carbon Fork – Quill stem style
    – original crank arms and BB assembly

    Fortunately, the quill stem is a sweet Ti version made by Serotta and the frame should well outlive me. And the handlebar was replaced about 5-10 years ago and recent rewrapping showed it to look pretty good.

  2. patrialanfranchi says

    Ha sounds like a cool bike! And sounds like you are keeping an eye. Haven’t seen older style crank arms split, likely due to a small fraction being out there now and these pre-date my involvement in the cycling industry. Probably quite a bit tougher than modern arms. Cheers to keeping the beautiful legacy bikes in service! (Do be careful of the fork…)

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