Paceline Podcast 233

This week Patria discusses the need to be able to address a broken chain or derailleur hanger effectively while on a ride. She also shares a most unusual tip for how to help another rider get home when all else fails. 

Patrick tackles the subject of base miles. He observes that a lack of big events in 2020 saw some fitness erosion for most riders and this is a great time to start logging easy miles and rebuild. 

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Wolftooth Master Link Combo Pliers

Image: Jeff Dieffenbach

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  1. Keith Kenworthy says

    Great episode. Some comments:
    Lots of zone 2 hours is a great way to gain fitness but many of us don’t have the time. Many including myself believe you can get the same level of fitness in less hours by using the sweet spot training method. I use TrainerRoad to plan my training but there are many other options.

    I think you should be more optimistic about gravel events. I am riding/racing with 399 other brave souls At the Shasta Gravel hugger on 3/6. Check out the write up on Velo News. I am also signed up for the Wild West Gravel Grinder in Red Bluff 5/8. And I am optimistic for the Huffmaster Grasshopper this year.

    The wolftooth pack pliers are great. Another is the Granite Talon Tyre Levers with Master Link Pliers Function, Quick-Link Chain Removing Tool which adds a function as tire levers.

    Regarding audible, another option is borrowing audiobooks from your library system. You just need a virtual library card. I use the Libby App to play and the set up works identically to Audible. I place a hold on 5-10 books at a time so I almost always have one in the queue. Using the library makes you more adventurous and give books a try that you might be hesitant to pay for. Try Hamnet by Maggie O’Farrell.

    One other tip for riding and listening. Check out the Aftershokz brand of headphones. They use bone induction so nothing in your ear. They sound great for audiobooks and podcasts and you can here cars etc fine. Plus no annoying wind noise when fast descending.

    1. Padraig says

      Thanks for all that Keith. Agreed that sweetspot training can garner great results. For whatever reason, I find I get worn down quickly if I don’t have the base, and the time in my head can be welcome, if I’m not listening to something.

      I sure hope you’re right about gravel events. I don’t want to precipitate on anyone’s procession, but I’m better off not planning just yet.

      Libby is something I’ve read about but never tried. I will look into it. I’ll also take a look at Aftershockz; I’ve not done well with transducers because I don’t get enough high-end definition (tinnitus from my years of playing drums in rock bands), but as a technology I do like transducers.

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