Paceline Podcast 153

Pennsylvania in spring is a good place to be a cyclist. The landscape glows in technicolor and the events can be unusual with equal doses of nutty, fun and camaraderie. Selene shares some of the unusual events that she does, like the 666 Cinder Race Series. For her, these oddball events are part of the lifeblood of her cycling life.

Patrick takes on the Superman vs. Batman question of bike equipment: lightweight or aero? Which should you choose? There is an answer, and it’s good and true for most any rider. And the answer isn’t necessarily as expensive as you think.



The Paceline is supported by Eliel Cycling. Crafted in California, the Eliel brand combines the latest technology with cycling tradition to deliver an experience that is authentically California. View their retail gear and custom program at


Show links:

Selene’s review of the Jamis Dragonfly

Patrick’s ride report on the Huffmaster Hopper

Zipp 454 NSW Wheels


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