Paceline Podcast 145

Selene was recently a guest for Lovingthebike’s Bike School. She was asked a number of questions, but two memorable ones were: what is the lowest temperature you will ride in? How cold can you take it? Another was what your favorite ride distance is. How long does a ride need to be for you to feel like you’ve been for a good ride?

So whatever happened to all those cool brands that got bought up by Trek back in the 1990s. They went on a shopping spree for a while, either buying or licensing the brands LeMond, Fisher, Bontrager and Klein. Why did they need those brands? Patrick answers that question as well as how their changing business model affected each of those brands.




The Paceline is supported by Eliel Cycling. Crafted in California, the Eliel brand combines the latest technology with cycling tradition to deliver an experience that is authentically California. View their retail gear and custom program at


Show links:

Instagram for Yewande Adesida, the cyclist in the images of the launch of SRAM Red eTap AXS

Yewande Adesida on Strava

Selene’s article, “Is Riding Too Much Making Your Bones Weak?”

Patrick’s essay, “The Sprint.”

The new Open U.P.

SRAM’s new Red eTap AXS

Photo illustration of Keith Bontrager courtesy of Trek.

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