Paceline Podcast 117

How much do you know about bearings? This week Patrick went to Oakland to visit the folks at Enduro Bearings and talk about how precision bearings have improved how a bicycle performs. He got an apples to apples comparison of how ball bearing quality has improved as well as an explanation of why radial precision bearings are so much better than cup and cone bearings.

We’ve talked on multiple occasions about the darkness that comes during long events, often about 2/3 of the way through. This week Selene discusses the letdown that can come from finishing a big bucket-list event and relates a conversation she had with DKXL second place finisher Yuri Hauswald. As she observed endurance athletes tend to have a demon or two and many of us do long events to silence the voices in our head. After ticking off a big accomplishment, how we deal with that void can make a difference in our day-to-day lives.



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Show links:

Enduro Bearings

Shimano S-Phyre apparel

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Images of Yuri Hauswald: Myke Hermsmeyer


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