Paceline Podcast 239

This week we’ve got another guest host on deck. Mike “Cush” Cushiobury, TCI’s editor-in-chief steps up to the mic (literally, right?) to talk trail etiquette. 

Padraig is back from his trip to gold country and the Tour de Placer Roubaix. Holding the event in April made for a significantly different day. And there were other changes due to pandemic protocols, of course. 

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Chamois Hagar

Limar Air Pro MIPS

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  1. johnrom719 says

    Hey guys, I liked hearing from Cush. He sounds like a nice guy!
    Show ideas:
    1. You talk about dropper posts as if their utility for descending is self-evident. Most roadies and gravel cyclists might not quite understand when and especially why to use them (including me!).
    2. Cush presented a few ideas on trail etiquette (say “hi,” don’t buzz people, be nice to horses, give out tubes) and Patrick added a couple others. How about a conversation on how to be helpful. I have stopped when other cyclists were dealing with a mechanical. I try not to be a mansplaining jerk, but want to help them get moving without getting frustrated. There is a fine line between “helpful” and overbearing. Especially when an older dude is trying to “help” a young person or woman or person of another ethnicity. That might be a helpful conversation.


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