Matej Mohoric’s Descent of the Poggio

When Matej Mohoric led his group of eight over the top of the Poggio at Milan-San Remo, little did most of us know that his bike contained a secret weapon—a dropper post to allow him to lower his center of gravity on the descent, making his cornering all the more daring. He makes such liberal use of the full width of the road that he actually drops into the gutter at 23 seconds and bunny hops back out!

With the top of the Poggio coming just 5km from the finish of the race, there have been a number of years where a rider used an escape on the descent to win the race. This is easily one of the most thrilling finishes the race has seen.

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  1. Wyatt says

    I agree this was a very thrilling finish and impressive ride and plan by Mohoric and his team. Im very happy to see world tour racing creep back into a post on this site I remember, understood, and agreed with the RKP decision to stop covering racing in the wake of Lance and all the cheating but I also think its time to move on and allow all of us lifestyle cyclists to once again enjoy the piece of our sport that is professional racing, without guilt. Todays racers, in all disciplines, are doing mind blowing things in our sport and it is fun to track and cheer for our favorites. It is a part of me that I, like you and many of the readers of this site, put away for a long time. Im letting go of that stance so that I can soak up all the exciting athletes in todays peloton whether its the amazing Slovenians dominating the world tour or the new batch of multi discipline monsters that can win Olympic MTB or Cyclocross worlds one month only to be animating the TDF in July–so impressive. Anyway, thanks for letting some of this part of our sport begin to trickle back into the content on this, my personal favorite, website for cyclists. Keep up the great work.

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