Enter the Deuce 11

The day came for The Deuce’s surgery. The stress of accompanying his transporter to the OR was unlike anything I’ve experienced. I went back to his pod and we waited. More time passed in those two hours than I thought possible.  

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  1. Pat Navin says

    Patrick, thank you for this. I’m sitting here, shattered. Much love to you and your family. I have my own health challenges, but the challenges of ill children offer deep perspective. I remember the first day I as going for what would be 38 initial radiation treatments. I was nervous and scared and worried and exhausted. And as I was called and brought down to the room where my treatment would be delivered, a small, bald child, about three-years-old, was wheeled out of the room on a gurney from the room to which I was entering. “I can do this,” I thought, “This is nothing.”

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