Determined: the Shasta Gravelhugger

Life may not return to normal for some months to come (some say not until 2022), but the cliche about the light shining into the tunnel is apt. We’re permitted hope and with that, some occasional glimpses of our old life.

Case in point: the recently held Shasta Gravelhugger.

Held in the shadow of Mount Shasta in Northern California, not only was the mountain covered in snow, the only stuff not covered in snow was covered in … slush.

As a setting for a gravel event it was made for those folks for whom very little is challenging enough.

And given the number of victims (DNFs) the event claimed, humility was the rule of the day.

Pete Stetina won the overall for the 100-mile distance (in a stunning 4:44.38).

Maude Farrell took the women’s category (5:26.10).

The organizer also offered a metric century won by Lance Heppler and Laura Coombs.

In the 100-mile event there were 125 finishers out of 166 starters. Ouch.

Among the victims were riders strong enough to finish the entire Grasshopper series.

These images are by photographer Sean Bagshaw who deserves some sort of medal for shooting the day.

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  1. khal spencer says


  2. TominAlbany says

    I love the volcanic landscape on the west coast. It’s stunning!

  3. Dan Murphy says

    Under 5 hours on soft, mushy roads. Wow.

  4. Ransom says

    Those views… Makes you want to be there!

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