Paceline Podcast 277

This week we lead the show with a remembrance of a bike industry veteran, James Winchester. He was a friend of Patrick's as well as nearly everyone in the industry. John

Enter the Deuce 7

I was a bike racer for many years; it’s a sport that demands strength, aerobic fitness, the calm of a Zen master and lightning-fast reflexes. Racing is chaotic, chaotic in a

Paceline Podcast 276

This week John takes on a listener question about fetishes and waxing. No, we're not talking about kinky sex, we're talking about chain waxing. Patrick discusses why this is

Paceline Podcast 275

John bumps into former co-host Patria and takes a look at stoke and how you fuel excitement for moving through the winter. Patrick takes on a question about how to stay

Enter the Deuce 6

In our sixth episode Matthew experiences his first significant setback and our sense of his progress and his prognosis receive a recalibration. The parents of another baby

Paceline Podcast 274

John's been reading physics, or is it philosophy? It might be both. But he shows how it relates to what we think about on the bike, not to mention how we think on the bike.

The Badger Crushes in Snow

Bernard Hinault was one of the greatest French racers of all time. He's best remembered for winning the Tour de France five times and nearly winning a sixth thanks to epic

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