The how of winning. There are books upon books about it. To win in sport, to win in money, to win in love. It's the satisfaction of desire, Freud's id, the breath we want at

Kickstarters We Dig

As this is my third installment of this little feature, I'm going to level with you about something: Searching for cycling-related products on Kickstarter and Indiegogo is

The Noise of the Wind

I'd been riding the Rocky Mountains for weeks, long enough to have acclimated to riding at 7000 feet. Despite the late June date, the mornings were cool enough to make breath…


I sit in a chair in a circle with two dozen other students, a mix of graduate and undergraduate English students, fanned out around Marvin Bell, an acclaimed poet and the…

Among the Tires

Here at the bottom of the hollowit is twilight dark at noon.The redwoods rise, Manhattan office towerscrowding everything into shadow. This is the spot someone considered

The End of the Ride

Years ago, shortly after I moved to New England, I got a piece of advice from a friend. He looked down at my bare legs and chuckled. I asked why he was laughing. I

The Rain

When I think about what we do as cyclists, certain words recur with pop-hit chorus regularity. There’s ‘hard.’ There’s ‘challenging.’ There’s ‘suffering.’ There’s ‘difficult.’…

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