The NICA Miracle

I signed my 13-year-old, Philip, up for the middle school program of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association, also known as NICA. Now, I’m not the dad who is the

Paceline Podcast 311

While having a mid-ride coffee, a friend asked John what he thought of internal cable/hose routing. There's no simple answer to this, so he discusses it with Patrick, who

Enter the Deuce 11

The day came for The Deuce’s surgery. The stress of accompanying his transporter to the OR was unlike anything I’ve experienced. I went back to his pod and we waited. More

Paceline Podcast 310

John wonders about our duty of care to other riders when we ride with them and how our perception of what etiquette calls for changes based on the tires we ride. Patrick rode

Bikes Behaving Badly

There’s a Sisyphean task to being a writer bent on trying to use words to articulate the ineffable experience of riding a bike. As a reviewer I’ve often talked in fairly

Paceline Podcast 309

This week John and Patrick talk Christmas lists and gift giving and do their best to focus on experiences rather than stuff, but let's be honest, cycling is a sport of stuff,

Enter the Deuce 10

Conceding that your child’s options have dwindled to only one course of action is a difficult concept to digest. As a younger man I might not have accepted the news and just

Enter the Deuce 9

The diplomacy of a NICU physician could teach the UN a thing or two discussing difficult subjects. Our doctor didn’t spring the question of surgery on us, but began

The Paceline Podcast 308

It's Thanksgiving, folks, and John and Patrick take time to detail the things for which they are grateful. Show links:SHOP FOR ALL SOFRITO AND TAMALES –

Paceline Podcast 306

John explores how cycling with newer riders can restore the blush of cycling's early romance. Patrick fields a question from a listener about how to go about choosing a

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