The Paceline Podcast 327

This week John takes a look at how doing events with friends can change the dynamic and invokes the heretofore unknown Ringo Principle. Patrick talks about the Sea Otter

Paceline Podcast 326

This week John discusses his experience at a ride called Mix Tape. Patrick takes on a listener question about going matchy-matchy with cycling clothing, be it a group, a

The Long Way Home 6

This week’s episode features my cover story from Peloton Magazine’s second issue, titled The Annus Mirabilis, the Greatest Season Ever. Digging into Merckx’s record was pure

Paceline Podcast 325

This week John and Patrick talk about cycling and depression, specifically, what about the bike helped and what they've learned about how particular kinds of riding help, as

Outrunning the Beast

I can still see the German Shepherd in my mind. Snarling, snapping and chasing me in full gallop. I was a newly minted teen throwing papers as a stand-in for a friend. In the

Paceline Podcast 324

This week John backs into a question about what sort of spare parts a rider ought to keep on hand, by way of helping a friend with his fit. Patrick considers the nature of

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