TCI Friday

To paraphrase Toby Keith, I ain’t as fast as I once was, but I’m as fast once as I ever was. Especially when a dog pops out of nowhere in hot pursuit. I’m not talking

Hey, Just Ride 42

Cycling nirvana. The sweet scent of the towering pines and firs gets lost in desperate, heaving attempts to squeeze some oxygen out of light mountain air.

TCI Friday

It all began, my seemingly endless affair with cycling, with one ride. Living two blocks from the beach in SoCal, I decided cycling would be my go-to fitness fix

Hey, Just Ride 41

The spectacular view from Cinder Hill stretches across its namesake tumbling down the mountainside, skimming over East Lake, rising to Paulina Peak and settling upon Paulina

TCI Friday

As the years roll past faster and faster, my eating habits have taken some dramatic changes. These days I wake up, have a cup of decaf coffee and head to my substitute

Hey, Just Ride 40

All I need is a road. The more remote, the better. Gravel? Yes, please. A closed gate? The best. The true beauty of bikes lies in the freedom. Hi, I’m Raz. I’m

TCI Friday

Just a few years ago, as they were about to celebrate their 30th birthday, I tossed my first pair of Shimano SPD road cleats in the garbage. I got them in 1990, at

Hey, Just Ride 39

It appeared that one final, last gasp bundle of opportunities rose out of the ashes as if to signal this is it, now or never, the end of the road — game over. Three

TCI Friday

I’m not sure when I came to devilishly devour extreme heat on my bike. It very well could have been many, many moons ago when I ventured out to the desert in Borrego

Hey, Just Ride 38

It all began with a crash. Of course I rode bikes as a kid. As I wrote earlier, I taught myself how to ride by lugging my brother’s rusting, heavy, solid-tire 24-incher

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