A Useful Review – The Nite Ize Gear Line Organization System

Before I say anything at all about this item, I want to acknowledge that you can achieve what this product achieves with a length of clothesline and some clothespins. If you’re thrifty, or if you already have that stuff, I get it. Go read something else much more interesting now.

A few Christmases ago my wife bought me a gear line for camping. This is a nylon line with loops and S-biners (a double carabiner) at regular intervals that you can hang it in a tent, giving you a place to store hats, gloves, etc. She got me a number of things that year that would allow me to be productive and well-organized while living off grid, which may have been a subtle hint that I should make myself scarce more often, but that’s all by-the-by.

A friend of mine has a line just like this one in his basement. I’ve mentioned this before on the Paceline, the simple brilliance of using a camping thing in your actual home. His is dedicated to gloves. He’s got them hanging from lightest to heaviest, so that, on his way out the door, he can just match the glove to the weather and off he goes, no searching through a bin, which is what I did until I remembered I had this lovely, if innocuous gift, from my wife.

It’s the Nite Ize Gear Line Organization System. As I said it’s a nylon line, 4ft long. On either end is a rubberized twist wire that you can wrap around just about anything. Now I’ve got my gloves hanging in the most useful way I can imagine, and you can too! Or you could hang warmers, or hats, or any other small thing that you use on every ride, the sorts of things you always walk back into the house for before leaving.

Is it so simple, it’s genius? Yeah. Maybe so. It’s $20. As I said, you can save some dough with a clothesline and pins, but this looks way “pro-er.” Is that a word? It’s not, but you get the idea.

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