A Useful Review – The Gore Fernflow Liner Shorts+

Most readers will know how much energy I devote to thinking about gloves, but liners are a growing source of interest. I wear them on the gravel bike. I wear them on the mountain bike. I’ve gone away from pulling bibs (in summer, I find them too warm) on all the time to a more casual approach, and liners are a big part of that.

What makes a good liner? They have to be comfortable. I shouldn’t notice them. They have to breathe. I shouldn’t get swamp ass. They shouldn’t interfere with my shorts, and the waistband needs to be high enough that I don’t chafe where my shorts crease while I’m in riding position.

Gore sent me these Fernflow liners specifically for review, and I’ve just started wearing them, but I have to say, straight out of the gate, they’re the best liners I own. They fit better, breathe better and stay put better than any I’ve worn yet, and I’ve tried a few. The pad is charmingly unobtrusive. I’m not looking for a ton of padding from my liner shorts. I just really want to take the edge off a long day in the saddle. So these work well for me.

Gore almost always impresses me with their bike clothing. It’s a brand that is very low on flash and style, but from a quality point of view they have few peers. It’s very utilitarian, and I like that. Also, who’s looking at my liners? Just the person who pulls up in the parking lot when I’m trying to get changed after a ride.

These are $90 from Gore. There is a men’s cut and a women’s cut. I can’t speak to the fit of the women’s version, obviously, but I suspect it’s just as good. Sizing is XS through XL. They could add a size or two, think. A lot of the larger mountain bikers I know wouldn’t fit in that XL. But these get top marks for functionality.

Fernflow Liner Shorts+ Mens | GOREWEAR

Fernflow Liner Shorts+ Womens | GOREWEAR

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