A Useful Review – The Fox Ranger Woven Drirelease Jersey

Fox call this a jersey. It’s not a jersey. It has no pockets. It’s a button-down short sleeve shirt with a collar. OK. It’s made with a moisture-wicking fabric, Drirelease, so you can, and should, wear it on the bike, but it’s not a jersey. Unlike most jerseys, it looks sharp.

There is a men’s version and women’s version, or maybe it’s a unisex item. The Fox website isn’t clear. As an aside, for my friends at Fox (I don’t actually have any), please stop calling everything you make Ranger. It makes individual items IMPOSSIBLE to find. But I digress.

OK, why do I like this shirt? I’d be lying if I failed to start with its looks. It comes in a great medium blue color. There’s a dark gray version, too. The cut is slim and crisp. It’s just a sharp garment. How many articles of bicycle clothing appear to be tailored? Answer: few.

On the bike, I like that I can unbutton it to get more ventilation. I like that I can wear it on the bike and not look like a sweaty dolt when I’m running errands. It will be good, I think, with a baselayer underneath in the fall. It’s good for riding to functions and events, like school concerts or teacher meetings. It’s good for wearing to weddings of cycling friends, though I confess I haven’t tried it with a tie.

Honestly, bike fashion, in my opinion, is a bit of an oxymoron, so I’m struggling with the fact that I’m recommending a piece mainly because of how it looks, but here we are. Let no one accuse me of substance over style.

The Fox Ranger Drirelease jersey retails for $89.95, so not cheap, but looks seldom are. (Ed: At time of posting, on sale for $74.99).

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  1. Jeff vdD says

    Love the look … right up until the Fox logo on the back. Is there a $10 more version without the logo? Maybe they could call it the Ranger.

    1. Emlyn Lewis says

      Jeff, That’s where you sew your Iron Maiden patch. Problem solved.

    2. Jeff vdD says

      Doh! Of course …

    3. Emlyn Lewis says

      Jeff, the other part of the solution is that the Fox logo is on the back. I don’t think too much about things I can’t see.

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