A Useful Review – The Close the Gap HideMyBell

 I’m encountering more people on the bike paths these days when I do post-work rides. I do a lot of easy rides on flat bike paths because I’m trying to burn fat and train my aerobic system to be more rad, like I used to be. This increase in other users has upped my desire to announce my presence as pleasantly as possible. 

Close the Gap makes a combination computer mount and bell called the HideMyBell. It tucks the bell beneath the mount. It has an insert that allows it to be turned for either Garmin or Wahoo type mounts. The bell isn’t as nice sounding as the Spurcycle bell, but it’s reasonably loud and has a clear sound. People don’t seem to struggle to hear it. 

They do a fancy carbon fiber version of the HideMyBell, but I’ve been using the basic version, which goes for 42 pounds sterling, which is about $52. Close the Gap is a Dutch company and while they don’t seem to have a distributor here in the US currently, their products can be ordered directly from their web site. 

I’ve had enough negative experiences with people complaining that either I was too loud announcing my presence or not loud enough, that I’m just going to let bells do the talking for me. 

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  1. khal spencer says

    The Knog Oi or Spurcycle are nice and tasteful bells, and quite a bit cheaper. But I guess if one wants to go full exhorbitant kit, fifty bucks is the pricetag.

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