A Useful Review – The Chrome Folsom 2.0 Short

I have a real problem with cycling shorts, which is not to say bibs or chamois-equipped shorts, but what some people might refer to as “baggies.” They don’t work for me. First, they’re baggy, and so I get the legs caught on my saddle all the time. Maybe that’s just me. Anyway, it’s just a variable I don’t need to think about. Second, they don’t look good on me. I’m short-legged AND bow-legged. Long inseams make me look more like a hobbit.

A pair of shorts I really do like though, is the Chrome Folsom 2.0. They are not baggy, but there’s plenty of room to move. They stretch. The fabric is DWR coated. For me the fit and finish is perfect, and I can get a few wears out of them before they need laundering. Like you, I ride (and run) enough that anything that saves me a laundry cycle is a good thing. It could be a full-time job otherwise.

The Chrome Anza is the equivalent short on the women’s side, and those are $110. I can’t speak to how they fit, but if any readers have experience with them and want to comment below, please do.

At $125, the Folsom 2.0s are pretty pricey, but as with most of the stuff I recommend I’ve had the same pair for YEARS, like 10 maybe, and they’re not worn or tired looking. It’s a classic case of invest money in a good thing and keep it a long time. In other words, they’re worth it.

They have an 11” inseam and come in 3 colors Black., Gray and Olive. Chrome also makes a “mid” version of this short with a 9” inseam, which can be a good choice for shorter-legged folks like myself or folks with swole thighs who want to show them off. I’m not judging. 

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  1. Bruce Pierce says

    I have these too and love them…except: they aggressively eject stuff from their pockets when you sit. A function of their very streamlined design I guess? They’re going to make me lose my wallet.

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