A Useful Review – The Backcountry Research Mütherload Frame Strap

Backcountry Research makes minimalist mountain biking gear. If you want to bring it on a ride, they’ll show you how to strap it to your frame. In fact, the Mütherload Frame Strap is, on all superficial levels just a Velcro strap. But then it isn’t.

First, as it my wont, let’s address the name. I love it. They’ve done a great job of capturing what the thing is, indicated its capacity AND amused me. Who doesn’t love an umlaut? This could be a frame accessory or a Motorhead song. It’s a frame accessory.

What does it do? Well, it holds a (large) tube, a tire tool, CO2 inflator and a repair dart, basically the stuff you need to get rolling if and when you flat out on the trail. There is no bag. They got rid of that, and opted for a cinchable Velcro strap with two small, rubberized accessory straps affixed to it. The tube goes in the main body of the strap. All the other bits get sort of bungeed to the outside of it, and the whole package then cinches onto your frame. You can put it anywhere you’ve got room.

I’ll be honest. I struggle with whether this product is minimalist genius or just a strap with straps. Because it works so well (I’ve yet to shake loose any of the stuff in the strap over jumps and/or drops), and because I didn’t think of it and then fashion one from bits I bought at the hardware store, I’m inclined to say it’s genius.

I like that everything is right there, no rummaging through a bag. It’s also all visible, which means I don’t wonder if I have something. I can see it. Finally, it’s super easy to move from one bike to another. Priced at $20, I think they’ve pretty much nailed it. If there’s a con, it’s that it looks like a tube and tools strapped to your frame. Aesthetically, that might not be for you. For me, it’s ok. I don’t mind, because as I said, I can see what I have and get to it with no hassle.

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