The Impossible Route: Death Valley

An impossible route; seven-days of gravel cycling adventure over one of the most demanding courses in the world. Two riders, long-time mountain bike racing pro Jeremiah Bishop and cycling blogger Tyler Pearce attempted it: a well-established motorcycle course called, “The California Backcountry Discovery Route”, or CABDR.

It’s a 760-mile ride done on gravel bikes that started in Yuma, Arizona, traversed the Mojave Desert and after the heat of Death Valley, finished at the base of the High Sierras in Northern California. This course has never been attempted before on bicycles as far as we know.

Both riders had to carry all their tools, food and water from start to finish each day. And each day was uniquely unique, from pushing through sand, up massive rock climbs to finding a means to get water and food. This film follows that story.

When asked how hard this venture was Bishop said, “Whatever this looks like on film, it was 1,000,000 times harder in real life.”

It’s more than an outtake video, it’s an in-depth movie and very worth the watch so take a look below. And for more info on how to set up your own Impossible Route to join in the on the fun go here. And stayed tuned, JB and Tyler have three more “impossible” routes in mind coming up as part of this four-part series.

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