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Red Kite Prayer

My Red Kite Prayer

A lot of you reading these words came to The Cycling Independent after a decade and a bit more of reading Red Kite Prayer. For everyone else, the occasional

TCI Friday

If you read my idealistic screed A Panacea the other day, then you might have taken issue with my idea to give people tax credits for bicycle and

TCI Friday

I have felt my heart break half way up a gray, dirt, hillside in the freezing rain. I have bonked, the energy leaving my legs/face/soul on sun-baked pavement

TCI Friday

Here we are half-a-year into this crazy TCI experiment, a web site, a publication, a community weekly of sorts, and so we've been talking over what's gone

TCI Friday*

Welcome one and all. If you arrive here as a former reader of Red Kite Prayer, you will know the routine from the Friday Group Ride that featured there for the

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