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Enter the Deuce 15

With a full year of life under Matthew’s belt, I take stock of how far he has come as well as some lingering after effects of his time in the NICU.

Enter the Deuce 14

In this episode we take the Deuce home and begin actually living with our son. Not lost on us is the fact that he was released on Easter Sunday. Certainly we

Enter the Deuce 12

With the Deuce safely back from surgery, you’d think we would breathe a sigh of relief. I was surprised to find that the accumulated stress weighed on me more

Enter the Deuce 10

Conceding that your child’s options have dwindled to only one course of action is a difficult concept to digest. As a younger man I might not have accepted the

Enter the Deuce 8

Science rests on a foundation of data. You can’t do anything as an engineer, chemist or doctor without having data. Sometimes you have data, but that data is

Enter the Deuce 7

I was a bike racer for many years; it’s a sport that demands strength, aerobic fitness, the calm of a Zen master and lightning-fast reflexes. Racing is

Enter the Deuce 6

In our sixth episode Matthew experiences his first significant setback and our sense of his progress and his prognosis receive a recalibration. The parents of

Enter the Deuce 5

Visiting the Deuce in the hospital was a kind of purgatory. I was able to be near my son, but I couldn’t hold him and touching him through the isolette was a

Enter the Deuce 4

This week’s show looks at why when friends offered to help, I simply froze. As a kid, I tended to not ask for help until it was too late, if I asked at all. My

Enter the Deuce 3

In this episode the doctors tell us just what they think is wrong with Matthew. They also give us some sense of how things might go and because they want us

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