Revolting 75

The Fountain of Youth. Today we’re talking about bikes, skateboards and punk rock, which are the key ingredients in the elixir of eternal youth. If you don’t love these things, there’s a good chance you’re gonna die.

Music pick of the week

Robot  –  OFF! – Free LSD

Stevil –  Mutoid Man – Helium Head

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  1. sudouest64 says


  2. dr sweets says

    Adulting as it were is the acceptance of responsibilities many of which are not necessarily fun. Society paints those that are still having fun with interests they’ve had since they were children as irresponsible. Many fall beneath this weight to conform in appearance as a mature, responsible (boring) adult. Play is not celebrated for grown ups. It is possible to be responsible and have fun though, but it requires not giving AF what others think. This is a difficult path to to take for most. That said, I highly recommend it and defer to the cliché that the only thing worth taking serious is one’s lack of seriousness.

  3. albanybenn says

    Revolting in the wild. Was just riding home after work along my normal commuting route-cutting through an apartment complex when I passed a walker. Blaring from his speaker was this week’s revolting! Out there for everyone to hear.

    1. Emlyn Lewis says

      @AlbanyBenn – That seems crazy to me, but the world is a crazy place. I suppose we’re happy to contribute.

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