Orange Seal: Family Seal

For Payson McElveen and Hannah Finchamp the 2020 race season began and ended with a double victory at The Mid South gravel race last March. Much has changed in the world since then but the dedication to sport and performing at the highest level remains, it just looks a bit different.

As Orange Seal re-launches its Family Seal series for 2021, Episode 1 of Season 2 explores pandemic life from an athlete’s perspective, spotlighting what makes the Orange Seal Off-Road Team special – family and passion. Follow Hannah and Payson as they train and celebrate cycling differently, with no start or finish line in sight over the past 14 months.

“With so much uncertainty during the Covid-19 pandemic, it was really important to me to latch onto something measurable and concrete during these unprecedented times. So I turned to what I could control on a personal level – training,” says Hannah, US Olympic Long Team member.

Watch the video below as Payson, Hannah and the whole team reflect upon a year not prioritized by race results.

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